VJOLA interprets the violet flower in an unimaginable way.

The scent is reminiscent of the classic beauties of the 1980s as it explodes with a bouquet of floral scents.  Each flower found in this unique composition is a diva waiting to be discovered.  At first you will get the beauty and graciousness of the muguet, and always alluring tuberose.  As we reach the heart, more flowers begin to take center stage with jasmine, magnolia, rose and iris.  But the violet is the true star of this perfume, as it continues to surprise you with its unique sweetness that you won’t discover in most violet scents.  The perfume rounds off with a velvety smoothness with its composition of vanilla and honeysuckle, creating a mysterious side to this blooming floral sweet scent.

Top Notes

Tuberose, Violet, Marigold, Muguet

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Magnolia, Rose, Iris

Base Notes

Vanilla, Honeysuckle, Immortel, Heliotrope