Our home is a place of gatherings and warmth, and our family’s most loved memories are remembered through scent.

The first of this set is an elegantly designed scented reed sticks diffuser encased in a porcelain vase from the royal family’s appointed Portuguese home fragrance brand, Claus Porto.  With a selection of seven different scents to choose from, this beautiful scented diffuser can be placed in any area of the home to help create a relaxing environment for your mind and body.  Together with a hand made scented candle from English perfume brand Ormonde Jayne, Maison Royal’s scented candle is the perfect candle for your home.  It blends together a bouquet of roses, jasmine and orange flower together with bergamot and the ever soothing amber.  With the last addition of a magical dressing perfume from Chapel Factory, is sweet like honey and when hung in your mother’s dresser, will not only fill the dresser with its scent but also aids in sanitizing any bacteria.  This unique dressing perfume can last up to two years.

Gift your mother with this scented gift set for the home, and start to build the warmest memories together with this, creating your very own ‘Home Sweet Home!’

Diffuser Scents:  Alface, Banho, Cerina, Chypre, Deco, Favorito, Voga