While abundant in Amber elements, Precious Amber deviates from conventional Amber compositions, potentially prompting enthusiasts of classic Amber-focused scents to seek alternative options. Despite the initial potency of Precious Amber, its projection eventually moderates, with a commendable endurance.

With a fruity opening, Precious Amber transitions into a luxurious blend of Amber and Rose. This evolving combination maintains a subtle spiciness and distinctly feminine character. Notably, the most captivating aspect emerges during the final dry-down, where the fragrance settles into a delicate skin scent of exceptional quality—a stage that holds appeal.

Top Notes

Dark Honeyed Date, Bigarade Orange

Heart Notes

Rose Geranium, Orris, Papyrus, Rose, Jasmine, Guaic Wood, Patchouli, Oud Wood

Base Notes

Amber, Leather, Cedar, Incense, Sandalwood