Nefs was inspired by the fantasies and stories of One Thousand and One Nights of the Orient.

A beautifully crafted oriental scent.  Nefs paints the perfectly complex and multi-layered painting of all the mystical stories told of the Orient.  It is a scent that cannot be easily described with words.  A luxurious scent of wonder.

It opens up with a powerful and confident oud and leather scent, slowly, a soft bouquet of roses, osmanthus and jasmine begin to bloom, with hints of saffron.  The sensual sweetness of honey, fig and whiskey take centre stage as the scent develops.

Nefs takes you on a journey of discovery into the Orient.

Top Notes

Honey, Saffron, Fig, Violet

Heart Notes

Osmanthus, Geranium, Jasmine, Nutmeg

Base Notes

Oud, Whiskey, Leather, Vanilla