Have you ever experienced a sweet floral scent that was ever so alluring, captivating and seductive that is simply unforgettable?

FLORO pays homage to flowers that – beyond their often all-too ephemeral beauty – emanate irresistibly fragrant promises and grants pride of place to the secret lures they use to entice or quite simply ensnare their quarry.

FLORO is a rush of petals brimming with delectable, luscious notes of ripe fruit.  A fluctuation of crisp and juicy facets that all but mask the generous, sensual and creamy notes of sandalwood fortified by dry woods and musks with impressive lasting power.  A scent for him, for her – anything goes!  Why not be placed under the spell of this bewitchingly sexy scent?

Top Notes

Apple, Pineapple

Heart Notes

Floral Notes, Jasmine, Sandalwood

Base Notes

Cedarwood, Musk