Casamorati is Italian artistic perfume brand Xerjoff’s vintage perfume collection.  The brand recreates the historical and artistic heritage of the glamorous Art Nouveau era.

Artistic perfume brand Casamorati’s latest creation, CASAFUTURA (Future Home) debuts exclusively at the same time as Europe, in Asia for the first time.

Futurism was an Italian Art Movement in the early 20th century, between 1908 to 1944, which aimed to capture the dynamism and energy of the modern world in art form. The futurists were all focused in the latest developments in science and philosophy, and particularly fascinated with aviation and cinematography.

Casamorati celebrated with CASAFUTURA this important artistic period to celebrate modernity, technology and romanticism in a single perfume blend.

It opens with soft lavender and rosemary, blended with romantic rose and the ever captivating cedar wood and sandalwood.  This unique scent opens up a realm of creativity, through scent we pay tribute to the successful futurists in the field of science, philosophy, astronomy and cinema.

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Top Notes

Lavender, Rosemary

Heart Notes

Diphylleia Grayi, Rose, Geranium

Base Notes

Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk

Eau de Parfum