My mother has always been a beautiful, even as time passes by it hasn’t taken away her elegant demeanor and I make it my mission to take good care of my mum and to ensure she remains as beautiful as she has ever been from head to toe.

Starting first with a nourishing body wash and body lotion duo set made from natural ingredients.   You can experience the passion and romance of the Portuguese to the fresh scents of the Atlantic with the three different scents it is available in.  Next is her hair, to protect her hair we have a perfumed hair mist from Italian brand Xerjoff.  Containing vitamin B3, this specially formulated hair mist not only adds a touch of shine to your hair but keeps your hair soft and beautifully scented.  This gift set takes are of your mother’s body and hair, to keep her beautiful from head to toe on a daily basis!

Hair Mist Scent:  Bouquet Ideale, Dama Bianca, Fiore d’Ulivo, Gran Ballo, La Tosca, Lira

Banho body wash and body lotion duo set