Parfumerie Trésor brings creative and unique perfumers under one roof; you will not find many of these fragrances anywhere else in the city.

Come uncover the Scented Stories here at Parfumerie Trésor…


Ever since childhood Pauline was surrounded by perfumes. Pauline’s grandfather was a sailor who traveled the world and often brought back perfumes from all the locations he stopped at as gifts for his wife. Those perfumes were then passed down to Pauline’s mother and as a child Pauline remembers seeing a beautiful collection of perfumes upon her mother’s dresser and the alluring scent they all possessed. As time past, Pauline grew up and lived her life in London as a student and from there she began collecting and buying perfumes from all the places she visited across Europe. Her love from perfumes never stopped.


Benny’s love for perfumes began from a memory. As a young child Benny loved to spend time with his father at the race tracks, he would wake up early in the morning with his father to observe the horses and their morning run on the tracks. Time past and his father’s passing has been nonetheless difficult but Benny would remember all those happy memories of his father by the scent that was unique to him only. A perfume scent that was gifted to his father by a close family friend, a scent that is now discontinued. Whenever he uses that scent or sprays it in a room, the loving memories of his father come back.

Parfumerie Trésor

Pauline and Benny’s shared love for perfumes made them wonder why Hong Kong does not have a stand alone perfume boutique with an array of unique and niche perfumes. As such, they began their ambitious dream of searching far and wide for only the best and most exclusive perfumes. Perfumes that not only are unique but have their own stories to tell. Perfumes that could not be found anywhere else in Hong Kong or even Asia. By August 2014 they managed to curate up to 20 exclusive brands that they loved and opened Parfumerie Trésor. From here their story began…

Opened in August 2014 as Hong Kong’s first and only Artistic perfume boutique. Our aim is to introduce premium, luxury and exclusive independent perfume brands to Hong Kong and Asia’s patronage.

Parfumerie Trésor, which is operated under F.S. Management Limited is home to 21 niche and artistic brands that we have gathered from around the world and making its debut in Asia for the very first time. Located at Landmark, Central and Elements, Tsim Sha Tsui, we hope to bring new fragrant experiences to everyone.

Besides being a home to many different brand stories and the independent spirits of these perfumeries, we hope to develop a creative space for cultural events that promote the art of fragrance.

Through the pairing of perfume and the personality each flacon of fragrance embodies there is no better way to express oneself to the world than through the elegance and language that is transmitted by scent.