The beginnings of Ormonde Jayne are far from glamorous, started almost by chance and at the time little more than the passionate hobby of an uncompromising perfectionist.

Linda Jayne, the Founder and Creator of Ormonde Jayne had an interest in perfumery as early as her teenage years. She was intrigued by the passion and romance of perfume and perfume bottles. This led her to her first career of growing and selling flowers, and at this time she also learnt to make scented candles and bathing oils from craft sets. The following 14 years were spent traveling and working around the world.

After returning home, she continued her love of scent and decided to create her collection of perfumes. Following her success for 2 years with a first prize in style and innovation, she followed up with creating the perfect candle for Chanel. It wasn't long before her inspiration spurred her into the direction of perfumes, and this is how Ormonde Jayne was born in 2001.


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