LM Parfums was created by Laurent Mazzone. He was interested in the mysterious world of perfumery at the age of 12. He merged his passion for fragrance with the fashion world that he loved very much.

LM Parfums is a timeless tale. A quest for the new and the absolute best. Instead of searching for the easy and the new at all costs, Laurent Mazzone takes the time to innovate, venturing off the beaten path. Each fragrance tells a story, drawing on the designer's inspirations to reveal itself. Exploring molecules from across the scent spectrum, LM Parfums focuses on oriental notes, rich in colour, sketching opulent and sophisticated scents, charged with undeniable sensuality. A creativity that feeds on the world of fashion and music, driven by the richness of the formulas and the intensity of the concentrations. Perfumes dressed in luxurious cases, with the occasional hand-carved details. A contemporary story, experimental and addictive, that can be found even in the sumptuous candles of our collection.


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