Introducing Bella Bellissima, an exclusive fragrance boutique hailing from London, established in 2007 by Bella Crane, a former journalist and presenter at the British BBC.

From her earliest days, Bella Crane has been captivated by the bohemian style, an influence that has remained with her since childhood. Intrigued by the enigmatic realm of perfumery, Bella made a decisive choice to depart from her lucrative career and journeyed to Grasse, the renowned epicenter of French perfumery, to delve into its secrets. Blending her reverence for aesthetics and knowledge, Bella ingeniously melded perfumery expertise with bohemian elegance, culminating in a distinct fragrance approach. This fusion, coupled with the spirit of women through different eras, culminated in the birth of her singular brand: Bella Bellissima, meaning "Beautiful Beauty" in Italian.

The inaugural masterpiece by Bella was none other than the Perfect series. Through tenacity and boundless creativity, her brand gained renown within distinguished British emporiums like Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

Each aroma within the Bella Bellissima collection intricately captures Bella's interplay of resilience and tenderness, unfurling the concealed sentiments of her inner world.

The agarwood range by Bella Bellissima showcases the most exquisite and precious natural ingredients, meticulously crafted to elevate the quintessence of each element to its zenith, resulting in an olfactory symphony beyond compare.


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