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Uncover your personality & perfume type

Perfumes have long been a part of French culture.  The function of perfumes not only bring joy and happiness to yourself and others but it can also help us create different images.  As such, we have specially developed a special system using the official MBTI type test together with a registered psychologist to create a system that could help you find your own personality type.  From here, you can find the perfect perfume that matches your very own personality!

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Italica – A sweet scent that you simply cannot get enough of

Italica is a miraculous scent, as it is a beautifully sweet scent but doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed with sweetness.  No matter what type of skin you have, the perfume performs consistently and can last on your skin for 8 hours and more.

Italica is the ultimate gourmand scent with its creamy sweetness.  It opens with saffron, with hints of rich toffee.  Notes of almond and vanilla perfectly balance each other in creating a sweet and blissful scent.  Intermingled with the warm and smooth white musk, adding a certain spice to the scent, creating truly an intoxicatingly alluring scent of lovers in love.

This is truly a sweet scent that you simply cannot get enough of.

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Les Parfums de Rosine – Rose Griotte : Your Cherry Rose

Rose Griotte draws inspiration from the juicy and popular wild cherry fruit and with the addition of tangerine and sakura flower it allows this perfume to become more joyful.

A delicate and alluring perfume that is perfect for welcoming the summer season!

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