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The scent of remembrance, Aldhèyx is now back in stock!

Aldehydes and heliotrope leave a powdery kiss on the skin, where musk and cashmere wood caress you with voluptuousness.

Aldhèyex is a glamorous, sexy and refined scent.

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ROSE MILLESIMÉE, a different kind of rose.

The embodiment of the confidential nature of the Centifolia Rose (also known as the May or cabbage rose), ROSE MILLESIMÉE is an olfactory metaphor for a moment frozen in time, the reflection of a story, a region and a tradition of craftsmanship.

In homage to the Centifolia Rose, this scent hangs back yet asserts its exceptional character.  Under the direction of perfumer Vanina Muracciole, she wanted to conserve the flower’s natural properties, a native blossom to the Grasse region, and added a dash of spices, essence of Bulgarian rose and white musk to create a powerful and carnal soliflore.

The end creation is a rich fragrance, that is soft yet strong, dazzling and generous.

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What does the scent of Shakespeare in Love smell like?

Did you ever wonder what the scent of Shakespeare in Love smells like?  From American artistic perfume brand A Dozen Roses comes a passionate and sweet creation of the great Shakespeare’s love story.  Blending together the sweetness of the rose and outgoing pear juice scent.  No matter how great one is, even a literature genius like Shakespeare himself, when faced with love, is sweet yet bitter at times and always will be able to show his gentle adorable side to a loved one.

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